How to Meet Someone for the Very first Time from Online

How to Meet Someone for the Very first Time from Online

The world of dating has switched a lot lately. Internet apps and dating sites have become a fresh way of meeting people, and many couples embarked their relationship talking through a screen. But meeting someone on the Internet has its dangers. Will the person on the other side of the phone truly be the person you think he/she is? In this OneHowTo article we’re going to give you some tips on how to meet someone for the very first time from online, so you can be careful and love your very first day with your significant other.

The best time to meet for the very first time

The very first question that comes to the mind of people dating someone online is: When is the right time to meet for the very first time? A investigate published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communications demonstrated that the longer people waited to meet someone they had met online in person, the more chances there were for them to feel let down. The majority of the people asked in the investigate said that the best was to meet the person 17 to 23 days after sending the very first message.

When the time comes to meet someone for the very first time from online it is significant to go after some tips that will make your date flawless.

Go for drinks at a nice bar

There is no rule that says where you have to go for a very first date, but going to a nice bar can be the best when meeting someone from online. You already know some things about each other, but it is significant to keep talking a bit more. Going to the movies is also a good idea, but you don’t have that much time to talk. A dinner could also be good, but usually drinks are more relaxed and tend to work better for a very first day.

Choose a bar with a broad multitude of drinks so you both can feel comfy. If the date goes well you can just stir somewhere else and proceed the evening.

One very significant thing when you meet someone from online for the very first time is to meet in a public place. There is no reason why this person shouldn’t be the person on the Internet, but it is always safer to meet somewhere with more people around. If you like that person and you feel convenient with him/her you can go to a private place for the next dates. If you need other ideas, take a look at the best places to go on a very first date.

Talk to them before the date

This is crucial if you don’t want to make the date weird. Even if you’ve been talking on the phone for fairly a long time, meeting someone face to face can be fairly awkward. For this reason, it is significant that you talk with them on the day before the date or on the same day of the date. This will help keep the situation and yourself more relaxed.

Don',t act differently

This doesn’t have to be a problem if you’ve been yourself when talking to that person on the phone. It is significant that you are yourself at all times. It is very effortless to catch someone that has been lounging, so it is significant that you are yourself and don’t lie about anything. During the date you should be yourself, the same person you’ve been over the phone.

Some safety tips when meeting someone from online

Besides wearing nice clothes, having your hair flawlessly combed and smelling well, there are some safety tips you should go after when meeting someone from online for the very first time especially if you met them on dating apps such as Tinder:

  • Tell your friends where you’re going.
  • Choose a bar in the center of the city, there will usually be more people around.
  • Choose a bar that it’s close to your house or somewhere that it’s within walking distance.

Meeting someone from online for the very first time can be fairly challenging, but once the very first date has passed things become lighter. Nowadays almost half of the couples meet online, and even however there are many online dating stories that have turned out bad, many others have a blessed ending. Before meeting someone for the very first time just make sure it is what you want to do. Being certain is key in this case.

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