List of the Greatest App Review Websites 2017 – App Apes

List of the Greatest App Review Websites 2017 – App Apes

Most web developers understand the value of marketing when it comes to acquiring game downloads and, in time, making a profit. After all, people can’t love an app if they never hear about it. This is a big reason App Apes formed in the very first place: to get the word about good apps out there. But we’ve done a little something more to help developers out, as well. Because of the need for exposure, we at App Apes have compiled a list of the greatest app review websites, including free, paid, and hand-picked app review services (more added continuously) in hopes of making the job of submitting apps lighter for all developers.

We have violated the list down into Android, IOS (Apple), and Windows categories for convenience, with the sub categories of Free, Paid, and Hand-Selected for each platform:

1.) The Free category includes app review websites that have both a subordination form and do not charge money. Note that while a few of the paid sites suggest also “free” reviews, they strongly hint that free submissions may be overlooked which typically translates to WILL be overlooked.

Two.) The Paid category includes app review websites that require payment for their services. The price for each service is listed next to the website name, unless the cost is calculated per each individual obedience, in which case you’ll have to contact the site with your pricing inquiry. Also note that paid submissions will often get very similar if not identical treatment to the basic submissions that many other sites suggest to service for free.

Three.) The Hand-Selected category includes article powerful app review websites (gamer news, etc.) that either do their own selections with no outside influence, monetary or otherwise, or those that simply have a Peak option for making suggestions, but no standardized conformity form.

(If you own or know of a site that offers a similar service, let App Apes know by submitting a note HERE, and we’ll add it to the adequate category.)




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THANK YOU. This list of app review sites helped me out a ton! I also submitted my app to your site. 🙂

Anyone have a good way to determine viewership of a given review site?

Just desired to add AppFind, a YouTube channel with a series called “App Spotlight” that shows off the best mobile games every week. The channel presently has over 155,000+ subscribers and offers the capability to submit an app for a free review or choose to become a sponsor. Email [email protected]

Are these include Apple witness app?

Thanks for information we are looking for reviewers .. it will help us to promote our app …,

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