Cupid Reviews – 81 Reviews of, Sitejabber

Cupid Reviews – 81 Reviews of, Sitejabber

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Be Ware cupidIsAscam. Do NOT GIVE YOUR PAYMENT INFORMATION. If you give your payment information they Will Rip you off. cupid employees will send you flirts and filthy messages pretending to be others. Steer Clear

Jeez people, what is going on? I can',t believe I am eyeing so many negative reviews. Indeed, Cupid ain',t taht bad! Yes, I also like Mingle2day and HotOrNot much more but trust me, there are worse sites than Cupid!

Scammers, charged $29.99 for 1 month when i subscribed for Three day attempt at $Two.97

Credit card company alerted me of the charge. I called to stop payment.

I printed the payment history on the site where it clearly states that my subscription was for Trio days at $Two.97

I signed up for one month with all the extras, 52 Dollars. I keep getting the same faces of people who write bull$#*! like I am an M.D. working in Syria for the military, or I am on a ship to Australia delivering goods for the X shipping company and this dude did not want to tell me where he was from. I knew by his English he was not from the U.K. as he said. Then, my account was blocked! I have spent Four days sending them emails to their customer service and all I get from their customer service is We will contact you in 24 hours. Nothing so far!!

i gave this website a attempt thinking that i could find the love of my life and all i got from the users were the same bull$#*! story. ",i am from Ghana, Nigeria, or some other west African countries.", ",My parents were killed in a car accident", ",i am a nurse traveling and distributing med supplies and goods to sick children", ",I am a artist trade marketing and distributing business, buying art portraits and sculptures.", Its all the same stories with almost every women you talk to on there. Its ridiculous how these scammers dont come up something creative for a switch. and not stick to the same story.

This is one major scam, along with Xsocial, Xmeeting, Xcupids. Stay Away at all costs, They are not even real but BOTS

Cupid isnt a bad dating site but ive seen better y',all. Check it out but keep your expectations in check! Albeit nice to see WeJustFit getting some good reviews on the net these days, I',ve been using that since it embarked and singing it',s praises forever! Kicks culo!

Figured it',s time to share an update the cupid media niche sites. Very first and foremost, not much has switched by far. The women that uses the site are in total operation mode and doing all they can do to separate you from your money. Now, I',ve learned how to use the site to my advantage and have been successful on three (Three) trips so far.

In case it wasnt clear to you from all you',ve read, stay away from the site. Dont be tempted by all the pictures. There is absolutely nothing from scammers attempting to get you to send $. Anyway, I did pay for a subscription service and heard all the scams. Everything from death in the family, my kid needs an operation, i need an operation, omg i just got robbed etc . heard it all. Stay away and save your $$$

I paid for a six month membership upgrade. I received an email confirming that my membership had been upgraded. Logging in I eyed that indeed it had been upgraded.

I contacted support again 24 hours later, still no reply.

They told me, that my payment had not been received and they were not going to refund my money.

A former friend was on this site and I was monitoring her by checking her profile. It kept telling she was active within days and I even got a message from her that December, telling ",I',m real and I',m horny, want to talk?",. The problem came when a cop and I went into the woman',s house to do a well person check, only to find her figure, that had been laying there for 8 MONTHS. And when I wrote them to take her profile down, they refused, telling only she could do that. A month later, they sent a message telling they had, so I went to the site to make sure, and I had received ANOTHER message from the dead woman',s account telling she was ",real and horny, want to talk?',. TOTAL SCAM.

This site needs to be shut down! I signed up for THREE days for $Two.97. After two days I see a charge in my bank account for $29.99. I called to dispute and they were rude and absolutely will NOT refund that money because I didn',t read the terms and conditions. They said an email will be sent to me in 24 to 48 hours. Ok? And what is that going to do. All foreigners hard to understand. Infuriating. I think I need to switch my bank account because I',m afraid these thieves will take more money even after cancelling.

Gave this a shot expecting fireworks. I know a few people who have found love on Cupid but it has not happened for me im afraid. I',ve switched over to now and that is looking more promising already. I guess it all comes down to the membership levels in the area your in and this just so happens to be better for me. Hope that helps, thanks for reading.

I have been using this site back in 2014 and never had ANY PORBLEMS! It is indeed confusing to read all the negative reviews. Are you guys sure you were using Cupid.

I was looking at this site about three months ago and joined for about Two weeks. I determined it wasn',t for me, and subsequently cancelled my membership. I heard nothing further from this dating site. Then Three days ago I began to see messages from users in my email. Today I was checking my bank account and found that this company processed a charge of $99.98 on my PayPal account. I do not even use the PayPal any longer. I have attempted to contact Pink Cupid all day with no result. I am filing a dispute with B of A against this payment.

Attempted Cupid for a bit of a laugh and its pretty good actually. Astonished at how many women use this site! I actually joined up the same week I joined and albeit Ive had more dates with WeJustFit, I think Ill keep up my Cupid subscripsion anyway, as its good to have a few options and its not to expensive. Will make a final decision when the three months are up but not a bad site at all.

they are fakers from Ukraine and introduce themselves they are from australia when you go on one of their 30 websites . avoid them they are so good in stolen your money you will not be possible to understand . do not pay. and do not give any ID to them as verification. they will steal you .

Fake profiles from Ukraine and other countries are on their websites.

I was on this website and they are 100% fake. They are very professional and have ems of websites under cupid media as and all of them are fake .

Avoid them or you will lose money. If You pay membership ask from paypal come back .

Make your review of them on this website or others for scammers.

Signed up had about 30 emails as soon as I paid a subscription no more emails and no replies! After my subscription ended guess what 30 odd emails from the same people!

Hrnyluv or Butterscotchseven this is Marcos

Call me 808-954-0345 or email me

This is one of my beloved dating sites I have used. I guess dating sites like Mingle2day may suggest a larger member base in certain regions but I also felt comfy on Cupid. I did not meet anyone, but it was a joy site to use.

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Q: &ldquo, how did you stop the payments &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, I am calling my bank to BLOCK them &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, This boy says his dad left him 12 houses in paris and he sold 6 and still possesses 6 now? Does this sound familiar to. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, i wanna ask about the messages for standard users. it seems that an other standard user can read my messages but I. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, If i have no paypal and credit card what other suggestion can you suggest me? Because i cannot communicate my talk. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, they said if i pay 90 euro there is jobs there to escort chicks around pick them up and so ? &rdquo,

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