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Review – Detailed Overview of is an online dating website that was created in 2006 by the same company that operates The site offers many useful features that could be found on some other dating websites. The key difference inbetween most of these sites and is that concentrates more on those who are interested in find more long-term relationships.

This dating website has become a hit among all sorts of people. The site has expanded to where there are more than ten million people using it. A majority of these people are over the age of thirty according to the site’s statistics. These include those who want to lodge down with real relationships that can last for a lifetime.

Personality Testing

The site offers a unique personality test. This test is used for all people who get onto the site. It involves several critical questions involving the ways how a person acts.

The test deals with points like attitudes towards dating, how one behaves and what a person wants to find in another person. One appealing point about all of these features is that each question has a series of sliders that measure how significant a certain characteristic is to someone. This is made to create a more exact response and analysis of a person.

An interesting point about the personality test is that it deals with several unique interfaces. It involves a series of pictures and slew of questions involving visual interpretation. These questions are used as a means of analyzing some of the attitudes that users might have.

The results of the test can be shown in one’s profile characteristics. uses four key terms for finding people. These terms relate to being an explorer, director, builder or negotiator. The results of a personality profile will be measured to determine which two of these characteristics a person is most like.

Dr. Helen Fisher, the creator of the personality system, also educates people online about what their personality results mean and what it is to be a negotiator, builder, director or explorer. This has become interesting for people to find because it involves different points involving how a person relates to others based on one’s personality.

Member Profiles

The support for different profile items is useful because it permits a user to come in in one’s information in any way one wants to. However, a profile is limited to two thousand characters, thus making it so users will have to be careful with how they write things.

A profile headline can also be added to a profile to make it a little more interesting. It is a superb thing for a user to add to make a profile more attractive but there is a brief limit on how long it can be. A headline can only be 128 characters long. This is also used to make sure that one’s information is kept under control.

Other points in a profile include many attractive features. A user can add individual site icons to showcase off things that one is particularly interested in. General information on one’s physical and social characteristics can also be collective.

The picture support on is incredible. A user can not only get one dating website photo added as a profile photo but also as many as twenty-five different photos that can be used on a profile. Only one photo can be used as a profile photo with the rest being visible only to those who visit a profile page after clicking on it. A user will need to be careful when thinking about the right kind of profile photo that can be used on the site.

Matching Up Couples

It’s effortless to find singles at this online dating spot. People will get matches sent to them based on what they have entered in their personality profiles. These include matches that are located in a user’s geographic area.

The personality profile and the detailed information that can be listed on a profile page are all made with the intention of finding long-term relationships. clearly understands that people want to find dates that they can love without dealing with the hassles of awkward dates with people who might not be of interest to someone.

This site caters mostly to those who are a little older. These include people who are at least thirty years of age. Still, the site is open to people who are searching for others of all sorts. is even open to people in the LGBT community. This is different from some competitors that will not take in gay customers.

It should be noted that the site does not permit people to by hand search for other members. The only results one gets will be results based on the results of one’s personality profile. This may be for the best however because people who are similar to each other could potentially have lighter times with getting together. Also, people who use the free trial on the site cannot get in touch with paying clients.

Membership Pricing Options

The site offers a free trial that lasts for a few days. This is useful enough to give a customer an idea of what the dating site has. The free personality test is often the fat point that makes people want to subscribe to the site after a trial completes.

The site’s fees will also vary according to the length of a subscription. A single month subscription is good for $50. A six month subscription will charge a customer $26.65 per month. This is very close to be half off the cost of a monthly subscription. A three month plan for around $33 a month is also available.

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