Serial Numbers – Trumpet, BachLoyalist

Serial Numbers – Trumpet, BachLoyalist

There are numerous sources for the Vincent Bach trumpet on the internet today. We determined to combine into a single timeline reference to better understand the instrument serial numbers vs. the status of the company.

We’re always looking for more information/corrections to include, so please email us through our contact us link in the header. All information is copyright per the original possessor/source.

(Workshop)11 East 14th Street

Vincent Bach Corporation, Inc.

(from USPTO Filing)

Filed: August 14, 1925

Registered: May 16, 1926

Filed: August 14, 1925

Registered: May 16, 1926

Filed: March 21, 1927

Registered: May 31, 1927

NY serial number. (Mercury)

Mt. Vernon serial number.

Mt. Vernon, NY50 South MacQuesten Parkway

purchased by H &, A Selmer, Inc.

(September 25 1961)

Filed: May Two, 1962

Registered: Feb. Nineteen, 1963

Filed: May Two, 1962

Registered: July 30, 1963

600 Industrial Parkway

Filed: May 1, 1997

Registered: Oct. 13, 1998

Renewed: March Five, 2003

North Main Street,

Renewed: Feb. 13, 2004

Embark of the “True Bach”

Note different serial number order

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Been playing Bach’s for over 50 years , own many b plane trumpets, the oldest being a model 67 serial 9104, model 43/43 serial 48971, 72* 209675 they are solid performers that stand the test of time. Primarily used for Latin Jazz lead and solo Jazz spectacle.

My Bach mercury trumpet’s serial is 5415. It is one of the very first palm total of Mercury trumpets that came out of the factory in April of 1941 using bachs own material . All the ones before used those Import valve figures. Thank you

I have serial number 11 would like some more info if possible and share the info i have.

It shows up that my Mt. Vernon Bach Stradivarious Model # 18530 was built “somewhere” around 1957 (based on your Serial # Data). I plan on selling the Trumpet in the near future, so I am attempting to gather “whatever” information I can find, in an effort to “determine” the Trumpet’s value on today’s market. I have never sold a musical instrument before, so pricing and determining who to trust with my horn, is a real challenge. Any “suggestions” that you might suggest, will be greatly appreciated. Gordon T. Ramsden

I just bought a used 239 CML Strad C trumpet-judging by the serial number (80118), it was evidently manufactured inbetween 1970 and 1974, making it toughly the same age as my Bach B-flat..Am I correct in this?? My C trumpet has a “Corporation” bell and no third valve slide stop, which I believe may be a feature of this particular model…,.

I own a B vapid mode 37 that as I recall my dad bought for me in the fall of 1964. the serial # is 32339. The bell is stamped Elkhart Indiana Could it possibly have been built in Mt Vernon. Production supposedly did not begin in Elkhart until 1965. I also have C model 239L serial number 67749 purchased used in the late 1960’s. Can you tell me when it was manufactured? It’s bell is also stamped Elkhart. Neither of serial number seem to line up with the timeline on this web sit. Thanks, Paul

That was during the transition period during Mt. Vernon, and Elkhart production. Mt. Vernon serial numbers show up to end around 30,000.

Paul, your 37 was manufacturer’s after 1965. I own a fresh old stock Bach 37 cornet, absolute pristine. The serial number of my cornet is 30836. The factory shop card indicated that it’s production date is April 15, 1965. My tax day horn!

My guess is that yours was produced late ’65 or sometime ’66, but not 1964. Were some parts from Mt. Vernon? Maybe but your bell most likely was made in Elkhart Indiana.

For what it’s worth, Bach accomplished/historian Roy Hempley told me that there was much pride in Elkhart and it is thought by many that these very early Elkhart horns were the equal to and perhaps even somewhat better that the Mt. Vernon’s on average. Pride to demonstrate the high level craftsmanship that they had knowing how Mt. Vernon horns were revered were motivating factors of the workers. Considering your horns serial number being within a duo of thousand within the 1965 and 30,000 embark of production, I’d say that you are the proprietor of a horn that was made with an extreme level of pride or care.

Congratulations. In time, many very knowledgeable Bachophiles will covet these VERY early Elkhart horns as much or MORE than the Mt. Vernon horns provided that the condition of the instrument warrants consideration.

I have serial # 477, it is in rough form, but was wondering if it should be restored. Anyone on here have any tips or info to share?

It truly depends very on condition. send me an email to admin (at) and let me see how “rough” it is in. I can put you in outch with some excellent repair shops that might be able to get it back to life…,

I just purchased a Fresh York Bach with Serial # 6181. From what I can tell it was made in either late 1943 or early 1944. Do you have any ideas on production totals for each year so I can narrow it down?

Also, I know the Mt Vernon models are very sought after. Does this also apply to the other Fresh York Models from the Bronx since Vincent was the primary during that time?

Thanks for any insight you may be able to provide…,…,

Any of the Bach Fresh York era (NY or Mt. Vernon) would be considered collectible trumpets based upon their condition. This would be a WWII era trumpet, where I’ve seen some examples during this used different combinations of materials on the various braces, caps, trim.

Would suggest you contact Conn Selmer customer service in Elkhart and politely ask for a copy of the shop card – that should narrow down the mfg. date for you.

Hope this helps!

I have serial number 8770. Not looking to sell it but it is flawless with virtually all its laquer and is unmarked. Would be interested to know its value.

Habe eine Bach Stradivarius 37 ML mit der Seriennummer 20096. Kann ich davon ausgehen, dass die Trompete zwischen 1960-1961 gebaut wurde? Trompete hat einen super klang und noch keinerlei Zinkfra?.

(I have a Bach Stradivarius 37 ML with the serial number 20096. Can I assume that the trumpet was built inbetween 1960 to 1961? Trumpet has a fine sound and still no corrosion.)

Yes, your trumpet was most likely mfg. in the 1960-1961 time framework.

I purchased a Bach trumpet. Only info I can find on it is TR 300. And G24970. I cannot find ANY info on the internet about it. Is there ANYwhere I can get info on it??

This is a student level BACH instrument. Search for BACH TR300 on eBay and you should find many examples (100+)…,

I have a Bach Stradivarius trumpet model #37. Serial # ml 212846 haven’t played it in over 20 years. Just got busy with life and such. What year was it made and what’s the value? Any ideas? It was very expensive when I purchased it 30 years ago. And I know it was 2nd arm then…, Please and thanks…,. Shawn b

Most likely was mfg. around 1982…, For a latest value, check eBay, Adv. Search, ended auctions…, The value will very dependent on the condition.

I have a Vincent Bach Mercedes II trumpet Serial No. 632535 ML, bought in Edinburgh around the late 1970s.

I have not played for many years now and as it is in brand fresh condition am about to pass this instrument on to my Grandson who is just learning at school. I found this site whilst looking for info about the instrument but I am confused by the Serial No. It does not seem to exist on the lists above.

the instrument shows up to have a one lump bell as the only seam visible runs around the diameter about Two inches below the bell-end and the entire of the bell tube (from 1st valve to bell-end) shows up to be of the darker “gold brass.” Any info regarding this instrument would be greatly appreciated

I have a Bach Stradavarius Bflat silver, ML 89912,

Model 72 ?. I think manufactured about 1973-74. Can you tell me the meaning of 72 ? on the bell? Also, how can i determine the size of lead pipe? Is there a description from Bach regarding playing and sound characteristics of this horn?

Thank you so much.

The “star” indicates a light weight bell, and the leadpipe is very likely a 43. I’ve most commonly seen this model used by lead trumpet players in big bands, and is it more responsive (light weight bell) than other bell configurations.

Hello, I have a Bach Strad with serial number 24XXX with Mt. Vernon stamped on the valve block. The bell is stamped with the elkhart indiana bach stamp, and was clearly not originally built with the horn because of soldering marks. I was wondering where the trumpet was actually produced during the transitional period in 1964? Thanks.

More than likely it was produced during the transition from Mt. Vernon and Elkhart. You could contact Conn Selmer customer service in Elkhart for a copy of the shop card. That may provided extra insights…,

This serial number is from a special edition model of a Bach Stradivarius. (194, 195, 197, 198, NY 7, …,) What other markings are on the trumpet?

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