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Matchmaker web sites is another one of the simplistic dating websites. Its layout is a clean white, with not much else. There’s some neat designs here, but no information on the front page. You can infer what the site is for, but the lack of information is truly a killer for some websites.

It’s good to know just what you can expect from a website – especially a dating one, because, choosing someone to have a relationship with is undoubtedly an significant decision. So, you want to be sure you’re with a website that will have someone you’re looking for.

It didn’t take long to notice something very odd about this site. It shows up to be the exact same site as They show up to be with the same company, so you can expect both of them to be pretty much clones of each other. This is a good way for a company to get more publicity – but it’s a bit confusing. It’s indeed up to you if you want to use or They are pretty much the same. They both work through an interesting webzine however. This is a pretty unique feature, because not many sites have their own website dedicated to a blog type form. Some dating websites have blogs some times, but nothing like this. Looking around the webzine, I see there are slew of different things to browse – like: Success stories, Advice, Horoscopes, Dating tips, and random articles dealing with the site. You can search the member database from here too – which is weird, since you can’t even do that on the actual site without signing up.

The sign up process is pretty slow – but you can skip most things. When you get to the end you can eventually begin browsing the website as a free member. It’s pretty plain overall, nothing much but white background. There is around 4000 people on usually – which are okay numbers. There’s not much you can do as a free member tho’. Sure, you can browse members and the site, post your profile, and ‘,flirt.’ But you also have the option to upgrade to a Gold account. With your Gold account you will receive: Email sending, instant messages, audio/movie messaging, more search results, and talk rooms. It’s a considerable boost, but of course it is going to cost you.

1 month for $34.95

Trio months for $Sixty-nine.95

6 months for $99.95

prices, but there are much worse elsewhere. You’re getting a pretty good deal here. Overall, the Gold services are good, but you just have to be willing to pay for them. Being a free member almost isn’t worth it because of the boring website and limited options.

    [item]Lots of Gold Membership Features[/item] [item]Decent Member Database[/item] [item]Real results[/item]
    [item]Boring Layout[/item] [item]Lousy Free Membership[/item]

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