Oh Cupid! (with Pictures)

Oh Cupid! (with Pictures)

Introduction: Oh Cupid!

Extra sweetness for your sweet Valentine 🙂

Step 1: Method

To make these chocolate covered apples are pretty ordinary. All you would need are:

Apples of your choice

Chocolate for covering the apple, of your choice. Can be almond bark, chocolate bars, chocolate chips, baking chocolate, and/or chocolate covering.

Lolly tucks, ice-cream slams, dowels, or even a thicker skewers, whichever is available

Sprinkles, chocolate and cookies for decorating.

Apple 1 – Heart Sprinkles

Melt your pink chocolate covering in microwave at 30 seconds interval, stir each time so you won’t burn your chocolate. If you don’t have pink chocolate glazing, you can add crimson gel food into white chocolate decorating once chocolate is melted, stir.

Insert a lolly stick into the top center for an apple

Dip/decorate your apple and decorate with heart sprinkles

Place on parchment paper lined plate until chocolate harden

Apple Two – Crimson Heart

Grate milk chocolate and set aside

Take out 2-3 tbsp of melted pink chocolate and stir in 1/Two – 1 tsp crimson gel food. This will create dark chocolate. Chocolate combination will become somewhat grainy and crumbly. Right away knead and mold into a heart shaped mold and leave it in mold to harden

With the same method as Apple 1, dip an apple in the melted pink chocolate

Sprinkle apple with grated chocolate and press the hardened crimson heart

Place apple on the plate

Apple Trio – Chocolate Bomb

(I called that as I “glued” whatever chocolate bars and cookie(s) I got)

With the same method as previous apples, dipping an apple in melted pink chocolate

Place on the plate until harden

Into a petite ball, place a duo of squares milk chocolate and melt it in microwave

Pour melted chocolate into ziplock bag or pipping bag, snap the corner and pipe/drizzle chocolate on harden apple

Decorate with chocolate bars (I used Aero dark chocolate, Reese and an Oreo) by gluing it with a dab of the melted chocolate in the ziplock bag

Place apple back on plate until ‘decorations’ are glued/dried on apple

Step Two: Cupid Apple

Dip apple in melted pink chocolate as previous apples and let it harden

Now let’s decorate!

I did not have yellow chocolate glazing so what i did was:

Into 1/Four c intense juice 35%, I added some yellow gel food coloring (about 1/Four tsp at least)

Warmth in microwave for 45 minutes then stir in Trio/Four c white chocolate decorating, stir until melted

Place melted chocolate in the fridge for at least half hour then hammer with electrified beater until it became whipped ganache (texture would look like buttercream)

Spoon whipped ganache into piping bag with rose peak or swirl peak and pipe as hair on the apple

Using edible paper and edible pen, draw wings on the paper and cut with scissor

Link the wings on the piped hair (whipped ganache) just by pushing it on the hair

Using either modeling chocolate or fondant (blue, black and white), make eyes and draw smile and eye liner with edible pen

With either modelling chocolate or fondant (pink), create two nut and on left and right side of the apple as “forearms” and place Cupid’s arrow on these mitts

Cupid arrow is made by sticking crimson heart chocolate (made as previous heart chocolate on Apple Two) and end of chocolate arrow in lolly stick and you are ready with your cupid 🙂


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