In fact, is one of the best known millionaire’s dating sites on the net, and actually powers many other sites listed in this category, including, and

In fact, is one of the best known millionaire’s dating sites on the net, and actually powers many other sites listed in this category, including, and

MillionaireMatch is our top choice from the Ten rich studs dating sites and millionaire dating sites that we have reviewed. It is a dating site where millionaires and people who want to date millionaires can meet. Millionaire Match looks like a superb place for generous, wealthy millionaires to match up with those who want to benefit from the lifestyle that goes along with it.


Free membership for standard members

  • 6 months (about $35.00 / month) Billed in 1 Effortless Payment of $210.00
  • Trio months (about $45.00 / month) Billed in 1 Effortless Payment of $135.00
  • 1 month (about $Two.30 per day) Billed in 1 Effortless Payment of $70.00

When purchasing a gold membership through check card / credit card / PayPal, please be aware that our one-month memberships automatically renew unless you are notified to turn off the billing.

Top Features:

Free members can access the following:

  • A free Standard Membership permits you to upload photos and create profile which will describe who you are as well as the kind of person/match that you’re looking for. Other Standard Members and Gold Members will be able to view your profile.
  • You can send free winks to anyone whom you are interested in. If you should receive an email or instant message from a Gold Member you may reply back for free to that member. However, you may not initiate emails or online instant message out to other Standard Members. That privilege is reserved for Gold Members.
  • As a Standard Member you may also search profiles for free. However, you are restricted to a basic search which includes the gender you are seeking, age range and region . All other specific search criteria are reserved for Gold Members.

Extra Features for those having a Gold Membership (40+):

  • Ask MM counselor by email and live talk
  • Initiate sending emails / talking online
  • React to others’ very first date ideas / status
  • Email / Wink filter settings
  • Check if sent mail is read on site
  • Search by Advanced / Saved / Keywords / Photo / State / Province or Zip / Postal Code / City / Millionaire / Annual income
  • Who is interested in me / viewed me
  • Demonstrate up at the very TOP in searches
  • Prioritize & Highlight listing in search / browse results & emails
  • Get highlighted as a featured member
  • And so on 40+ features.

Editor’s Verdict:

“This is the very first, most effective and largest site in the world to connect with, date, marry successful, beautiful people. Our members include CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, fitness models, and Hollywood celebrities, just to name a few”- Millionaire Match HomepageThat’s a strong statement from, but it is supported by two of the leading financial publications, and The Wall Street Journal. Both chimed in their opinion of Millionaire Match’s premier status and leadership in the wealthy dating category. is also our number one selection as the net’s premier wealthy dating website. By our standards they outshine the others in this category by featuring an staggering number of exceptionally attractive members and verified millionaires. Almost every profile brings up style model-standard photos for either hook-up. For example, a search for 20-30 year old women in the UK introduced us with over 500 results and almost every one had photos. We had similar results in a US search of 35-45 year old dudes. Millionaire Match’s ratio of “beautiful people” is startling to say the least. And they seem as bright as they are beautiful, which makes sense when you consider that many of them are very successful as well.

Millionaire Match isn’t just women looking for rich boys. There are slew of well-to-do ladies looking for “average Joes” too, making Millionaire Match’s site almost irresistible for anyone interested in wealth and dating.

Millionaire Match realizes that there are many attractive people who do not have “high net worth” from a financial perspective. That’s why everyone is welcome on Millionaire Match, irrelevant of their income. However, the site does ask for your income and it’s best to be fair. Not all wealthy people are necessarily looking for a wealthy playmate. In fact, some are looking for just the opposite! Informing Millionaire Match of your relative wealth status gives you and other members a way of determining a potential playmate’s suitability. Millionaire Match expertly treats this potentially touchy subject by having members select an income range. The base level is ‘under 100K’, with the highest range escalating into the hundreds of millions. In this way you’re not providing up information you may feel too individual at the outset and you’re also more likely to find a suitable “Match” with the options introduced.

For members who want the facility to search for genuine millionaires as potential fucking partners, Millionaire Match offers a well-thought-out feature called Certified Millionaire. Millionaire Match verifies a member’s millionaire status by requesting adequate documentation. This is a nice touch in our view as it caters for the needs of the more discerning members, for whom financial status is very significant.

Very first impressions matter and we found Millionaire Match’s home page to be elementary, practical and unpretentious. The concentrate here is on romance and finding a suitable or lasting relationship rather than pumping up the site with visual fireworks. Site layout is clean with a logical flow and good functionality. If the word Millionaire wasn’t in the name you’d never know this is where the high rollers came to find fucking partners. It seems Millionaire Match chooses you were busy searching their listings rather than attempting to wow you with elaborate page styles. Navigation is sensible and user-friendly with search menus (at the Gold level) suggesting enough options to narrow or expand a search with sufficient definition to yield a good selection of available listings.

While Millionaire Match undoubtedly is worth to take pole position in this category, it’s not ideal (yet!). We found one little flaw. The site offers the usual “contact us” function but we felt the FAQ section left a little to be desired for addressing some of the questions a fresh Standard (free) member may have. For example, the FAQ’s regarding standard member access to some of the features that show up accessible aren’t addressed. (You find out what’s accessible through trial and error). We realize we’re nitpicking here but it is something that came to our attention. A petite flaw, all things considered.

In our view, Millionaire Match is the gold standard wealthy dating site suggesting members an outstanding location for finding that special someone or for enriching their lives with a lesser commitment. It’s all available to you. It’s our opinion that the quantity and quality of their enormous base of members serves the discriminating tastes of the rich and famous very well, while those of lesser means also have an chance to practice the high life. This all adds up to make the joining fees for Gold membership very good value. While it’s true that their membership costs a bit more than other (lesser) sites, here you get what you pay for and we feel that the combination of quality and quantity can’t be hammered. When you consider the high net worth status of their primary clientele, the pricing is very reasonable. Also, our take is that most individuals in this category wouldn’t be overly excited to meet a discount-minded millionaire.

Millionaire Match is the “over achiever” in the wealthy dating category. About that there is no question. They literally have millions of members. They predominate this category in terms of both quantity and quality, a remarkable achievement. They outnumber their next competitor in web hits by a factor of Five. In fact, is one of the best known millionaire’s dating sites on the net, and actually powers many other sites listed in this category, including, and

If you’re wealthy and/or beautiful and would like a rewarding, life-enriching relationship with a wealthy and/or beautiful fucking partner, Millionaire Match is undoubtedly the place to be.

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