How long

How long

What are women expecting? Do women prefere to get to know a boy a LOT before meeting, or do women just want to be “asked out” emmediately?

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But you can invest weeks in a person that turns out to be a frustration in reality and it is all over. You can always find out more about the person in the skin and be able to pick up any signs of lies etc.

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It all depends on the quality of the communication. I’ve waited months and one time a year and I’ve done quick meets. None seem to produce better results than that other. It’s the person and communication on the other end that seems to make the difference, and even then? It’s more likely a one-n-done than a meeting of the minds. At least in my world. Good luck to ya.

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My rule of thumb was to meet women who would meet me within a week, two at most unless there unusual circumstances. I also only met women who were into talking to me enough to have exchanged a lot of messages and talked to me on the phone (and possibly texted) fairly a lot prior to meeting. That worked very well for weeding out the tire kickers, flakes and game players. I didn’t get stood up and even however most of those very first dates didn’t go anywhere, I can’t say I ever truly had a bad practice. The main thing is to write off those who don’t truly seem interested enough to get the showcase on the road. If you can’t indeed get into talking enough to want to meet in person as soon as possible, then there’s no reason to expect that meeting in person will make a conversation any more joy.

Since the purpose is to meet in real life, anyone who is serious about meeting you will want to cut to the pursue, too.

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Snap. Current romantic interest i did this with for a a good while. Very long conversations and some form of contact every day until we met up. So far, this is the 2nd one which has turned out to be a thumbs up in terms of weeding out the tire kickers etc and the others who arent interested.

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If a person isn’t interested in talking to you enough to make you convenient within a week or two, either the person isn’t interested enough to be worth meeting, there’s something about the person that should tell you to not meet that person, or you aren’t indeed making an effort to meet people.

If you don’t know someone well enough to meet in person after a week or two, then either one or both of you aren’t interested in talking enough to get to know each other well enough to make you comfy. In that case, there’s no reason to proceed talking. I talked to and met fairly a few women and never did I talk to one for more than two weeks who actually would meet me. They just dreamed to chit talk forever. Online dating isn’t for everyone, but in my opinion, those who want to have much chance of success dating online, have to talk to lots of people and meet lots of people.

If you can’t be discerning enough after talking to someone for a week or two, you aren’t talking to the person enough to warrant that person’s interest or else you aren’t discerning enough to know when to write someone off rather than proceed talking. Meeting after a week is not “jumping into a pot of boiling water.”

But there is a time framework – the time framework of the person you’re talking to. If I’m willing to meet someone in a week and you won,t meet someone for Four weeks, then chances are we aren’t going to meet and at best, I’ll have met several other women and put you at the bottom of my priority list as far as replying to messages and talking on the phone while you’re still attempting to determine whether or not to meet me. Taking a long time to meet means not meeting people who have options.

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Just the one(s) you choose to live by and enforce on yourself.

IME if they are expecting some preformed formula to be followed, they aren’t indeed worth contacting.

Some attempt to find the assure they are going to get the relationship they want before they meet. Some just want the online attention.

Some just keep it elementary, like asking themselves “do I know enough that I can stand an hour over dinner with this person, if so, let’s go out and spend an hour together.”

IME the ones that don’t want to be “asked out emmediately” won’t talk about meeting at all, or talk about it like “someday” and “if,” or they will entirely overlook or deflect any attempt to ask them out.

Whereas those that do want to meet and date will tend to talk about it right away, and be open about it (rather than deflective) when you talk about it with them.

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There is NO WAY to get to know someone through emails.

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I got a reply that asked me for a photo, I don’t have a problem with that, what I have a problem with is if someone is going to ask me for a photo, they better fasten one themselves! I won’t pursue anything further, I have better things to do then to pursue ignorance. Sorry, don’t mean to sound like a snob, just been mislead way too much to sit by and wait for something like disrespect to occupy my time!

Thanks for the positive feedback, appreciate it.

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Totally agree with every single word of this.

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