Dating Landing Page Templates – Themes, Free – Premium, Free – Premium Templates

Dating Landing Page Templates – Themes, Free – Premium, Free – Premium Templates

In the present day and age, the popularity of dating websites cannot be denied, especially since their request seems to increase with every passing day. People today would rather opt for dating sites when it comes to finding their soul mates. Now have you determined to embark a dating website of your own? To make a name for yourself, you need to attract more and more users to your site. More than other websites, a dating website needs to be well designed and appealing. And that’s why you should take the help of these templates here to create the landing page of your dating site. You may also see HTML5, CSS3 and LESS code based Designs.

Fully Responsive Dating Landing Page Template – $14

This dating page landing template has a kind of dreamy aura about it, ideal for a romantic mood. The landing page of your website needs to be attractive enough to make your potential customers give it a attempt. You could impress them with this stunning template. It also contains all the essential details that must be present on a landing page.

High Conversion Dating Landing Page Template – $Ten

The entire point of having a landing page is to increase your conversion rates. If you were to use this landing page template, you would certainly send your conversion rates through the roof. The dash of blue in the template certainly makes it an attractive one. Plus you would be getting features like-

  • Responsive layout
  • Documentation included
  • Accessible across all the major search engines

Dating Landing Page Template – $8

You need to hit the pound on the head with the landing page. After all, your clients will be forming an opinion about your website based on this. This particular template consists of an elegant and well designed background which has been kept as elementary and minimalistic as possible. It also permits you to inject your requirements so that you can find your match swifter!

Mailchimp Integration Dating Landing Page Template – $Ten

The attractive photos on the website are sure to appeal to your users. The blue background certainly goes with the ambience a dating site possesses. Also, this landing page has been kept elementary and to the point. There’s no hammering about the thicket here. What you see is what you get. No one indeed wants a cluttered and clumsy website which is difficult to navigate through!

Online Dating Land Page Template – $39

This online dating site landing page template is plain, neat and clean. It has been kept clutter free so that the visitors find it effortless to use. Like all landing pages should have, this template too has an option called “join for free”. Also, there is a separate section mentioned in the template, where you can add the last added profiles of your dating website.

Bootstrap Responsive Dating Landing Page Template – $13

The color pink flawlessly goes with the overall theme and ambience of a dating profile, isn’t it? Apart from the bright colors at the beginning of the landing page, you’ll find that the rest of the template has been kept relatively plain. It contains of a special section dedicated to the instructions for joining the site. Here are some other features- PSD files provided Google web fonts Cool font icons Documentation included

Social &, Dating Landing Page Template – $9

If you’re planning to embark a website that is both social and a dating website, you should opt for this template. This template would permit you to customize your landing page any way you want to because it is pretty effortless to use and edit. Also, you can include your client testimonials on the landing page itself, that’s something all fresh visitors want to see.

Multi Colour Landing Page Template for Dating – $40

The best part about this dating site landing page template is that it has been kept simplistic and neat. The vibrant crimson color certainly sets the mood. Apart from the design and the content that’s actually necessary, the template has been kept devoid of all designs. It has been kept clean and clutter free, which is an significant quality in every website.

Dating Agency Landing Page Template – $30

If you’ve embarked a dating agency, then you need to have an official website through which prospective clients would be reaching out to you. For that, you need to have an epic landing page. To create a landing page for your agency’s website, you can take the help of this template. It has a minimalistic design and that certainly adds to the charm. Most importantly, it has a responsive layout.

Premium &, Responsive Dating Landing Page Template – $30

You can decorate your landing page any way you like. You can include as many pictures as you want in this template and even use cool fonts in the template. Also, you will be able to create a separate section for customers who want to join, client testimonials and also a brief description about your website. Apart from that, you get the following features-

  • Customization support
  • Loosely editable
  • Customizable
  • Form validation not included.

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