Veteran and Disabled Veterans Dating Website by Tara Broadway (deleted) – Kickstarter

Veteran and Disabled Veterans Dating Website by Tara Broadway (deleted) – Kickstarter

I am a Disabled Veteran and I am tired of being single. I lost my right eye while serving and am very self-conscious of it. I can’t keep a beau because many tell me that my eye deviants them out. I am a very pretty woman but I can’t take it anymore.

I looked online to see if there were any Disable Veteran dating sites but nothing came up. I also spotted that many other Veterans were looking for the same kind of site. I want to make an off the hook Veteran and Disabled Veteran site where we can meet other Veterans. I also would like to add a live talk feature so Veterans can talk loosely with each other about our problems. There will also be a Support area for updates on Veteran issues.

I would need help setting this site up and working. This is why I need the $500-$2000 to pay a website maker and get it rolling. I know this is low but this is the 2nd time I am posting this project on there so I have to embark petite and hope I make over $500. Please donate what you can.

Risks and challenges

I will need to hire a local website builder since I am only familiar with making individual websites. I have a few friends that make sites but they live out of state. If anyone out there can help me and live in the Philadelphia area I would appreciate the help.

I am sultry about kicking off this website as soon as I get the funding. There are no other sites like this so It would be a specialty. Also Since I am a Vet and I can contact the local VA Hospital and get then to advertise the site in their offices. I also would be open to sponsor

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ


Select this prize

Pledge US$ Five or more About $Five

If you pledge this and you know a Veteran or a Solider in your life I will use their photo on the site. I can also add the pic to a Memorial for those that are not with us anymore.

Select this prize

Pledge US$ 25 or more About $25

If you donate $25 and you are a Veteran you will get a profile for FREE for a Year.

Select this prize

Pledge US$ 100 or more About $100

I will add your name and any company you run on my website for free advertisement for the life of the website.

Funding period

Aug Three, 2014 – Sep 15, 2014 (43 days)

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