Online Dating Safety – Is Online Dating Safe for You?

Online Dating Safety – Is Online Dating Safe for You?

People who are considering attempting online dating often ask whether or not online dating is safe. The brief reaction is yes, online dating is entirely safe. Millions of people participate in online dating today and we still aren’t witnessing mass disappearances. However, it is always prudent to exercise a little caution when dating people from the internet.

The safety of online dating is questioned so often because the internet is a place of anonymity. There are no assures that what you see in any single dating profile is what you will get in real life. This is an understandable fear, but it is much overstated by our imaginations.

Very first of all, most people who sign up to online dating sites are genuinely interested in finding someone nice to date. These people may be too busy at work, live in puny towns or are simply having bad luck meeting people out and about. They turn to online dating for various reasons, but the purpose is almost always to find a nice person to date.

Basic safety precautions should also set your mind at ease. When you talk to people online, do not expose your phone number until you are ready to talk to that person on the phone. You should never have a reason to expose your address online, either. Wait until you have met the person a duo of times and are comfy before you let them know where you live.

The very first time you meet someone from an online dating site, you should meet them in a public place. Two of the easiest, safest and cheapest very first dates are coffee and ice juice. You can meet the person in a public place and get to know each other without being stuck in a long, complicated date. Be pushy and do not agree to leave the public area or meet in private areas until you feel comfy enough to do so.

If you go after these basic safety precautions, online dating is just as safe as real life dating. No matter what, you will always face petite risks when dating other people. The vast majority of those bad domestic violence stories you hear about on the news are a result of people who met via traditional means. In all types of dating, you are interacting with imperfect humans. Be pushy, listen to your gut instinct and use common sense.

Safe Online Dating Sites

The safest online dating sites are those that you have to pay for. These dating sites require credit card information and private addresses, so they tend to weed out people with bad intentions. This is not a total proof assure, but it does go a long ways in deterring those who wish to remain entirely anonymous.

Almost every major dating site can be considered a “safe dating site.” These sites keep private information (such as your phone number and address) secret. Dating sites understand that people want to keep a little privacy when meeting people on the internet.

All major dating sites also include messaging features that let you communicate back and forward without providing up your individual e-mail address or phone number. Some dating sites even have voice messaging features that let you talk to people without trading phone numbers. These little features go a long ways in protecting your safety and privacy.

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