How to kiss a short girl: 3 tips to make it cute

How to kiss a short girl: 3 tips to make it cute

Have you ever noticed that short girls tend to fall in love with tall boys and tall boys usually choose girls much shorter than they are? But even though such couples look extremely cute, there are some problems they need to struggle with.

One of the most googled questions for a short-tall couple is “How to kiss a short girl?”. If you are much higher than your loved one, it would seem almost impossible to make it natural. You can’t bump into each other face to face and you won’t “accidentally” kiss her lips instead of her cheek. Though, it’s still possible to turn your kissing experience into a perfect one. Here are 3 tips to make your kisses really cute and impress your girlfriend with your kissing skills.

Don’t stand while kissing

The easiest way to have your faces at one level is to sit or lay somewhere. It sounds simple but it could actually be very romantic. Invite her stargazing and lay on the roof looking at sky. Or go on a picnic and lay on the grass looking at clouds. Kissing while laying would be a truly unique and romantic idea. And it also won’t cause any troubles with reaching your partner’s lips due to your different heights.

Lift her up

Take everything into your own hands… literally. Lift her up playfully and when she’ll be high enough to reach her lips kiss her. It would look really cute and romantic. The only problem is that the lengths of your kiss will depend on how long will you be able to hold her like this.

Let her reach your height

It looks extremely cute when a girl stands on something to kiss her man. So let her stand on something like a bench or a porch to reach your lips. It will let her make an effort and help you to improve your kissing experience. You don’t have to tell her about it but just show this possibility yourself by lifting her on something high and kissing her.

Genuinely, don’t be afraid to kiss a short girl and let it all go with a flow. Even the simplest kiss when you lean to her and she stands on her toes will look really cute. Don’t think how to kiss a short girl only by your own, because she will be surely willing to help you with that and find new ways of kissing each other that would be comfortable for both of you. Kissing a short girl is not much different from kissing any other girl. When you’ll adapt to these circumstances, you won’t focus on this problem and will enjoy your amazing relationship with your significant other.

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