How Dating Someone on Antidepressants Feels

How Dating Someone on Antidepressants Feels

Being in every relationship is not always sugar and honey. It’s challenging and requires lots of work and support from each other’s side and many other things. But what if you are dating not a regular person but the one with depression? It’s obvious that it’s not easy at all and such relationships require much more. You have to be patient, calm and caring in order not to make things worse.

Let us look at the things everyone should know when dating someone on antidepressants:

  • Depressed people are not psycho.

They are normal people who you love and value and that’s why you don’t have to treat them as sick people.

  • Try to learn as much as possible about the kind of depression your partner has.

Thus you will be able to help him get over it faster and easier.

  • Do not question the state of depression of your partner.

At first, you may think that if he/she is laughing and feeling happy this whole “depression” thing was just made up by your partner. The thing is that people under depression may feel absolute happiness at 7 pm and make a suicide attempt at 8. This is what a depression can be – constant mood shifting.

  • Don’t blame your partner for refusing to do things.

Like you ask your partner whether he/she wants to go see a movie, to go shopping, to cook dinner together or to visit his/your parents in the country – and the answer is NO to everything. That’s okay, do not require things that your partner doesn’t feel like doing (if they are not using depression as a smear of course).

  • Sometimes depression talks for them.

You can hear bad things. Like really bad. Try not to get hurt by those words, you should always remember that at these moments the one who talks is depression, not your partner.

  • You should learn about seeing things.

It’s not a very easy thing to see that the person you date is depressed. Their acting skills are pretty high and they can look really happy and smiling while wanting to fall to the ground and stay there for the rest of their lives. You should always check how the things really are instead of thinking that everything is fine as long as there’s a smile on.

  • Make them feel supported.

You may underestimate the power of a usual talk and verbal support. Talk more, don’t hesitate in talking about your partner’s feelings and just make him/her feel supported.

  • Being on antidepressants can reduce sexuality.

Can and will, actually. So you should be ready for that and do not surprise at the fact that your partner is not so energetic and horny.

  • Be ready to be pushed out emotionally.

Yeah, it’s not that easy to be around a depressed person. But don’t get offended, it will go with the depression and you will be as close as you were before.

As you can see dating with someone on antidepressants is a real challenge. But if you really love this person and want him/her to get better, feel free to use these tips above to help your partner forget about depression forever.

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