Top Ten Best Superheroes

Top Ten Best Superheroes

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Batman is cool because he doesn’t need toxic waste or gamma rays to be a excellent superhero. He’s tooled with some of the most awesome weapons, such as Batarangs, and, of course, the Batmobile.

Love how Batman is #1. People say he’s the worst because he doesn’t have powers. Who needs powers when you have the right motivation, combat training and a ton of money? – karends

Batman is the best because he doesn’t even need super powers to fight crime and be awesome! Even in his alternate identity, he is still an awesome rich stud!

all the gadgets & the sweet rail

Bruce Wayne always does he’s very best at everything he does. While people like Tony Stark were manhandling alcohol over their parents death,Bruce however on the other forearm was preparing he’s assets and mind to later ruin the coerces of evil – Mordecay

I wish some how spiderman, batman, superman, nightwing and the hulk can be #1 at the same time but no. I love all of those superheros but when I was like Five years of age I LOVED spiderman he was my beloved superhero. He may not be as epic as Batman, superman, nightwing and the Hulk but well he’s effortless to relate to, even however people say batman is a human being people can relate to him but gravely how many people are like BILLIONARES and have a butler. Peter parker had a rough life before he became your friendly neibourhood Spiderman he was bullied, he was a geek had only like Two friends and the rest thought that he was weird and geeky and way to wise and they were jeolous so a lot may people may have a simaler life so that’s way he’s relateable to. Don’t get me wrong Batman, superman, nightwing and the Hulk are excellent superheros but me and spidey were taut so that’s I vote for him.

He May not be the strongest superhero ever, but spiderman is one of the most coolest and entertaining superheroes out there. I’d go see/read him over anything else ANY day. And just look at his suite! Totally bada**!

Spider-Man has been the coolest Miracle comic for a long time. Uncountable comic books have attempted to hit Spider-Man, but it seems close to unlikely.

Should be further down to be fair

Superman is by the coolest superhero in my opinion. Despite his physical dominance over humanity, he has a deep love for mankind and finding balance and harmony on Earth. He sets an example for other superheros to go after, he is greatly respected by his peers, he is greatly feared by his enemies, and he knows many languages. SUPERMAN ROCKS!

Why Superman? No, not because of his incredible, albeit overpowering, super powers — including the capability to keep his hair ideal after flying near the speed of light without a helmet.

With all his power, he is totally selfless. And set the standard for all the superheroes that came out after him. – Paolo2thepeople

Superman is a GOD!

I like Tony because he’s an unlike able character made likeable! He’s different, he’s not he type to go after anyone else’s rules! Makes him a unique hero, he’s also funny and a genius. He also has THE best superhero gf, him and Pepper are made for each other. Without the suit, he isn’t powerless either his a genius billionaire too! I love Metal man, my absolute favourite!

The suit is so awesome. I wish I could wear one leave behind superpowers, super metal man suit hits the all. Tony Stark is a genius

Cool, funny, easygoing attitude. He’s also a genius. He’s indeed a private beloved of mine because once this dude who thought I was a genius said that I should build an Metal Man suit to go to school. That would be awesome – I’ve already began to work on it 🙂 Lightly the best Avenger and most likely the best superhero!

Metal man is the best superhero I have ever seen in my life. He is the best! He shows us that genius brain + money+ dashing personality = best superhero! He should be no. 1 in my opinion. Metal man is played by rdj. The boy who embarked this all. Without rdj nothing is MCU. He had done everything for mcu. I don’t even want to see any other actors in the role of metal man instead of rdj.

He gave us the real metal man/tony Stark that we were waiting for since the beginning. His attitude makes him the different, the best, the greatest and the legendary superhero.

He is the real life metal man for me. I just can’t stop thinking about him. He inspires me.

He is the best, the greatest superhero miracle ever had. I thanks a lot to the creator of not only metal man but also the all miracle superheroes. My favourite stan lee and Kirby!

Thank you very much for making the coolest ever superhero!! Metal man you r the best!!👍 – Adityanagp

By far the most interesting and violent superhero of all time. Not only that but perhaps the most influential when you consider all of the wolverine knockoffs that followed over the years (lobo, deadpool, cable every photo comics character etc. ) Not just that but popularity wise he’s still more popular than ironman hulk and superman. Don’t believe me? Just look at all of the xmen, wolverine books or anything that he’s guest starred in. All became massive sellers and let’s not leave behind that he’s always been the premier vs dude in the miracle universe. He should be in the top Three of this list, but the movies don’t do him any justice because if they followed his character by how he’s done in the comics, then everybody would say that he’s the best superhero they’d ever seen.

The story of James Howlett and how he became the Wolverine is one of the greatest superhero stories ever. He is basically 2nd in instruction to the X-Men, after Professor X, of course.

He should be #1 adamantium claws stronger than metal and healing factor

Are you guys brain dead he hit hulk, deadpool, spiderman, magneto, andsabertooth (victor creed) you guys should know that duh dummies

It is my beloved superhero character of all time

A superhero is defined not just by power, but primarily by character and Captain America has the most admirable character among every other other superhero. He has a relatable and natural life, thanks to his limited powers. He has limited strength unlike thor or hulk, he lacks funding for high tech gadgets or suits unlike batman or metal man and he is not even a mutated superhuman like spider man or an alien like superman. He is just a normal human, who’s humanoid abilities have been enhanced to some degree by a serum and having a shield and a bike (he doesn’t even have a decent weapon like hawkeye). In spite of lacking significant superpowers, he is fearless and one of the harshest heroes to hammer because he makes the most of his limited abilities. An epitome of humbleness and modesty, Captain America is perhaps the most endearing and THE BEST SUPERHERO WHO Is worth TO BE NO. 1!

Captain America has been my dearest since I commenced reading comics many years ago. He is the quintessential super soldier, enhanced strength, speed, agility and stamina at the zenith of natural human potential. He always chooses the moral path even if it fights against the government, he is a fighter for the people not the government.

Captain America was the very first super hero the world had ever seen his shield cannot be violated and he never ages he fought the world war Two with might and mane and acted in such a way that he was immortal he was put in ice before shield asked him to fight a battle he had a close fight with Loki who’s kind of a hodge fought with excellent strength and skill even tho’ he lost in my mind he is the greatest super hero the world has or will see he truly is a true warrior and can die for his country

Captain America is very plucky and fears no one it’s also very awesome when he throws his shield at the villains and truly wonderful that he was brought back to life

When Professor Bruce Banner loses his temper, you don’t want to be around him. Whipping out his rage, he becomes the famous green Hulk. Many call him incredible!

A lot of people here are talking about movie Hulk and his angry smash attitude, which is no doubt a keystone of the character, but that’s not there is to the Hulk. I’m 100% aware that this will sound snobby, but the Hulk is my dearest comic super hero/anti-hero. He is so severely psychologically messed up that he can be an unstoppable rage machine and also an insanely analytical powerhouse at the same time via his story arcs. Even if he’s the best hope the heroes have, they are startled of him because of his strength and question him for it. He saves the world one day and is vilified the next, simply because he is a time bomb. They whip out his “bomb” private because they need it to save them and then ostracize him once it’s done for being immensely powerful. It’s an insanely harsh dynamic Hulk/Bruce Banner had to deal with, and yet he always seems to come through for them. Read Planet Hulk and World War Hulk and you’ll quickly realize why he is the best comic book hero ever.

Awesome superhero! He can be a hero or villain! But who cares he rule! Heheh! Love this man!

He should be no Two after Spider-Man

Come on you guys this dude is quicker than the speed of light. Flash is so prompt that he broke some laws of physics. He can basically walk through buildings, and on top of that has super reflexes, which basically makes him almost unlikely to hit.

Coolest costume out there, and if you truly think about it super speed is one of the most powerful abilities out there.

Flash is awesome. He’s quicker than the speed of light and he’s so rapid that he can even travel through time. The Flash is wise and he can do much more than just run prompt.

Flash is super swift can throw lightling he is amazing

Thor is a god that not only has a hammer that is indestructible and only he can pick it up but he can summon lightning and thunder he can fly and displayed in the avengers he strike metal man and captain America up he’s a friction god that is immortal and indestructible no questions asked Thor is at least in the top3 at least

Thor, the actual Norse god of thunder, is a very amazing and powerful hero. His power and power to control lightning along with his hammer, the Mjolnir, give him his spot on the top ten list.

He’s a God Strong as Hulk, energy power on level of silver surfer, heart of CaptAmerica, fighting abilities of Black Panther and he’s a God

Deadpool is my beloved character, and it isn’t just because of his messed up moral compass and his dark humor. I like Deadpool for all he is worth. A man who has lost his family twice. Getting cancer. Being experimented on numerous times, Being labeled a failure in the Canadian weapon-x program (which also messed his head up, plus providing him the looks of a rotten tomato). Loosing friends and paramours numerous times. All of this he hides under a mask, a smile, and some jokes. I love the character not just for his humorous 4th-wall violating and the smiles he puts on my face, I love this character because of the tears he makes me shed. After all the things that has happened to him, after being labeled a failure, being rejected by the society, he still proceeds to live in hope for something better.

The funniest hero ever made. I’d say we need more hero like Deadpool, but no, he is the one and only. If you have any doubt, attempt the Deadpool game. Deadpool rules!

Because he had his own funny game wher he demolishes many people

THE deadpool is the best superhero.

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It indeed depends on which green lantern one is referring to, as there are thousands upon thousands. The entire green lantern storyline is so engaging because as there is the Miracle universe or the DC universe, it is as tho’ the green lantern universe could lightly be its own thing. There are various different green lanterns one could go after, and there are more conflicts and villains than any other superhero has. Except the batman family, because those guys have a big booty heap on their plate. The green lantern rings themselves are a very creative concept, more so than most of the other superheroes on this list. Think about Thor, for example- he was already a character of much fame! A Norse god! Anyway, all of the conflicts inbetween Hal Jordan and earth and his fellow lanterns and his nemesis (Sinestro) and even his bosses (the guardians) creates a story line that is exceptionally engaging.

Hal Jordan, or the Green Lantern, wields a mighty power ring that can generate a entire bunch of effects sustained by the wearer’s willpower. The Green Lantern’s power to control all physical things gives him a spot on the top ten.

In elementary way! The most powerful weapon is will! The will to act

Wonder Woman is worth to be very high up on this list. She’s always been my role model, because of her class and her harshness. She is the flawless example of a strong woman, because she never quits and never turns down a challenge. Not only is her beauty beyond that of any heroine, but her godly strength and her status as an Amazonian warrior princess make her unstoppable. Plus, I love her relationship with Batman

Wonder Woman is the prettiest! Shes from the world of gods! Shes the best!

It’s good to have a female super hero as a role model. She is strong and courageous and she never gives up.


Dick needs a little more credit than he actually gets! He is a lesser version of batman in a way. He has the same skill, it’s just not almost as fine tuned as Bruce’s.

Are you serious? Nightwing is by far one of the greatest sidekicks ever. If you ever played Injustice: Gods Among Us you know about his OP attacks. Besides that in the comics he’s all chill and cool, plus his extreme arm to palm combat abilities are almost up to par with Batman’s.

I love night wing, he is my beloved character in the superhero universe, I especially liked batman bad blood, and he can hammer the evil villains with no super powers and lead so many justice groups, the difference inbetween him and batman is that he is more of a joy less dark more of a mature but joy and smarter man

Nightwing will make you sob

A totally fearless hero despite having limited powers, his only one formed as the the result of a disability? Gotta be cool. He took on the Hulk, for God’s sake! And the coolest costume ever.

Fearless. Blind. Crimson costume (so you cannot see him bleeding). Lawyer and Vigilante. Just so cool!

It’s blind Batman with one of the best runs in comic history, enough said. “

Best senses ever

He’s amazing, he spent Five years surviving on an island nicknamed the “purgatory” with very trained soldiers everywhere! He pretty much only uses a bow and takes down murders that have studs and guns, he pretty much single handedly takes down anyone who is “poisoning” his city! No powers, just money, he’s an underrated version of batman!

Should be in top Five cause he like the assassins creed version of a super hero. With a bow

Green Arrow rocks! He kills enemies with a bow and arrow, and is an extreme fighter. People say Batman is the best, but if you think about Green Arrow is Batman with a bow. He’s rich, has awesome trick arrows, and his bow is awesome. Batman even said that he fears the Green Arrow because he know they are pretty much the same. Also some might say anyone could hammer him, well he’s taken down the Flash and Reverse-Flash and for gods sake ALIENS!

Hawkeye ripoff – Jay12

Sidekick of Batman never fails. sometimes!

Robin is the greatest sidekick of all time he has many alterations and all are cool, he is a master acrobatic, detective, martial artist and everyone who was robin BECAME NIGHTWING, Crimson Spandex hood, Crimson ROBIN AND THE Very first ROBIN EVENTUALLY BECAME BATMAN, he so underrated and is worth to be treated better.

Robin proves that you don’t need to have superpowers or high-tech gadgets to be a superhero. All he needs is a staff and acrobatic abilities to be worthy of being the sidekick of Batman. He also has a tragic past so you can’t help but respecting the fact that he deals with that everyday and still pulls himself together enough to defeat numerous villains.

Best superhero sidekick – PeeledBanana

I think that Ghost Rider should be the best super hero because he can burn feet and he can turn people to dust and gravel he can also float in the air when a flashbang is beside him and blows up. He can also burn people just with the touch of a finger he can also call in his motorcycle to ramp on someones face he can bring someone to wards him with his chain which can go and unlimited reach he can turn any vehicle into man’s wish vehicle. That’s why I think that Ghost Rider should be number 1.

Awesome character, excellent back story as well. I think he should be listed in the top ten as well!

OH COME ON HOW IS HE #20. Ghost rider is forearms down the best superhero of all time. I’ll admit he may not be the power fullest, but he is one hell of a badass

Ghost rider is cool because he is a flaming sckol that is a a crazy alien that rails on a hard bick to rail on

Black Widow is better than Wonder Woman, one of the most generic heroes there are, it makes me sick to think people only value how powerful a character is rather than the character itself. Wonder Woman may be a “role model” but Black Widow is a better character, a role model for those on the path of redemption. She is better than many female characters, who are either eye candy or naive little hicks. And that is just one reason of many that she is worth not only the place of number one superhero but number one female superhero as well.

Black Widow is intelligent and powerful. She is a standout character who is worth more recognition on this list than she gets, and should undoubtedly be #1.

Black widow is awesome she should not be down here she should be at least in10

I would smash that bum

Bat lady is awesome, however I don’t like her dating Robin. Robin belongs with Starfire. I also know that Batman belongs with Catwoman. Bat doll should be with someone different.

OK. Everyone else on the list is a doll, but in the batman universe, anything goes!

I like her she needs to be in the top Ten and her combat abilities and pretty good

Batgirl is badass and ready to kick your butt. She’s a real superhero, like indeed

He is so overlooked! While all the other superheroes need super powers or tons of gadgets, Barton only needs skill, muscles and an epic bow-and-arrow! – Blubbydubber1

Why do people keep hating on him, Hawkeye is unspoiled skill. I mean gravely, was it because of that one Avenger movie? While other heroes have super speed, super strength, fire powers or super powered weapons, this stud just holds a damn Bowen arrow and he still kicks butt.

Hawkeye is fine he’s so underrated I mean he’s the stud who holds the entire avengers team together. Not to meant ion he is so badass he jokes around and he’s a joy characters. EVEN IF HE’S NOT YOUR FAVOURITE TAKE HIM Earnestly.

So underrated he is unspoiled skill. he has a nuke arrow.without there powers other heroes are futile, hawkeye is superb no matter what – Killerdrummer

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