How to Find Your Zodiac Compatible Mate – How To Find Love?

How to Find Your Zodiac Compatible Mate – How To Find Love?


How to Find Your Zodiac Compatible Mate

Many people have been getting in relationship with someone they thought was right for them- not knowing if their zodiac signs are compatible. No matter how much you think you’re in love with that special someone,understanding astrology will give you an edge. Some people think zodiac signs relationships are a myth, but if they learn how the elements of Astrology works, they can potentially increase their chances of finding the right zodiac compatible mate.

I am not an Astrologer, but based on my individual practice, I know a thing or two about zodiac relationship. Fifteen years ago, every Sunday evening my ex and I used to listen to a program on Astrology on a local radio station – they used to take live calls so one Sunday we were nosey to know about our zodiac compatibility.

As per our agreement, I made the call- when I asked the man how compatible are Virgo and Pisces? He said those two signs are the worse match. I was on speaker hence, he heard it as well. Truthfully, I was not totally astonished and neither should he. However, he became cantankerous, and turned the guiltless phone call into something that was never meant to be. He went on to say that I had prearranged with the boy. We in love, and when things were good I felt that I met my soulmate. However, we brought the worse out of each other, and in many ways we were the finish opposite..

Some people are not interested in finding out the zodiac compatibility of the person they are in relationship with or planning to, they think it’s unspoiled superstition, to some other it is too confusing. So, for a clear understanding – C.G.jung has created a chart which represent the four basic elements in astrology —, And they are: Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

Fire Signs are: Leo, Aries and Sagittarius- they are enthusiastic and larger than life- utter of power, light and very creative. They have a upbeat imagination.

Air Signs are: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini – they have a strong connection with the world. Restless and nosey, they have continual thirst for fresh ideas

Water Signs are: Cancer,Scorpio, Pisces- they are very emotional, deeply romantic and notoriously sensitive. They can be very moody, and massively insecure.

Earth Signs are: Virgo,Capricorn, Taurus -They are very voluptuous, deeply loving and eternally loyal. They have goodness and preparedness to help others. Virgo, remarkably, can some of the kinkiest “interests”.

Knowing how the zodiac sign works, you’ll be better ready when determining to pursue a relationship with someone fresh. For example- fire and air complement each other therefore their romance has a good chance of becoming long term without a lot of stress. Water and earth has the potential to have a nurturing relationship. When two people are in love-they’re a mass blended energy- which consist of hope, wishes, likes dislikes and pet peeves. However if you know your zodiac compatibility mate, you’ll save yourself a lot of heartaches and unnecessary drama. As for my zodiac compatibility —, Pisces &, I are cosmically misaligned ?? The Secret Language of Birthdays .

There you have it. How to Find your Zodiac Compatible Mate:)

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