Dating Professionals

Dating Professionals

These days, we are busier and busier with less time for our social lives. And to make matters worse, many of us are spending time in front of the computer which further reduces are opportunities to meet people. So why not use the our computer and the internet to find eligible dates? We want, and our select affiliates, to help people who are looking for suitable dating playmates and provide information to help you find your match.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

date (and maybe more). Here’s how to make it happen.

Before proceeding with planning a 2nd date, make sure you’re certain that your playmate feels as strongly as you do about the very first date’s success. “A

If the seeds of your romance were very first planted by communicating online, why mess with a good thing? “Following up with your date via email to decently thank your date for such a nice evening is always a good stir,” Grish advises. If you’re certain that you both share the opinion that your very first date was a success, she says there’s no need to play games when it comes to determining when to hit the send button: “Avoid playing games like waiting three days to connect. If things went well, send it the very next day!” When choosing exactly how to phrase your email, keep it plain and direct, yet interject it with a bit of humor, she advises. “Begin the letter with a ordinary hello, budge into a thank you and then close with an inwards joke or reference to your date and the suggestion of a 2nd. Keep it brief but genuine.” If you’re feeling especially bold, don’t be afraid to pick

No matter whether you choose an email or the phone to react to your fresh flame, Grish recommends keeping in mind that neither matches up to face-to-face contact when it comes to forging intimity at the decent tempo. “Remember that three emails do not equal three dates,” she notes. “It’s very effortless to feel close to someone behind a computer screen and expose too much about yourself or budge into cruise control before you’re even in very first gear. Using technology is a means by which you connect, not a means by which you define your relationship.” Bottom line: Use technology to reconnect, but get offline as soon as you can so that you can have another wonderful in-person encounter. Reminisce that it’s just like the old Marvin Gaye song: “Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby.”

While it’s effortless to go the dinner-and-a-movie route for date number two, Grish suggests coming up with a plan that involves something a bit more original. “I always like afternoon dates as a 2nd date versus an evening date, which is usually the very first date,” she explains. “An afternoon date permits you to love yourself without the scrim of too many martinis and a dimly lit room.” Hit a museum, beloved shopping area or historic district, or tap into one of the many interests listed in your profiles to come up with ideas. If he has a fondness for boats, charter a fishing cruise for the day. Do you love flowers? Why not go for a picnic in the park or visit your local botanical gardens together?

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